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Oakland Dog Bite Attorneys are masters of personal injury law, especially when it comes to dog bites. When you or a loved one is involved in a dog bite incident, everyone is trying to pull you in a different direction. Insurance companies demand statements and push to minimize their responsibility. The owner of the animal in question is doing the same. It is easy to give in to these demands and just move on, but you deserve more! Why should you be left with the bill for someone else's mistake? Fill out the form to the right to schedule your free consultation. We will answer any questions and work through any concerns you have about the claims or lawsuit process.

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What Is Your Settlement Worth?

The Average Settlement In California Is Worth 30k*

Why You Need A Skilled Dog Bite Attorney

When looking at a dog bite incident you have to consider the goal of the parties involved. The owner of the dog wants to be done with this process and get on with their life while minimizing their liability. The insurance company wants to pay out the least amount possible and close your claim. Once your claim is closed you can't go back and reopen it. They want to close it quickly and will pressure you to do so. While they may seem friendly and like they are just trying to help, they have an agenda. Insurance is a business after all and they want to minimize their losses. This is directly at the expense of you. What does "Minimizing losses" look like when we consider how it will affect your life? It could leave you with unpaid bills, no compensation for unrealized income if you missed work and little to no money for the pain and suffering you or your loved one endured. When you work with Oakland Dog Bite Attorneys we handle the insurance companies and the dog owner for you. You can focus on healing and put your life together and we will handle the nuances of insurance claims. We know all the right and wrong things to say to these companies so we don't leave any money on the table.

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*Average settlement amounts based on statistics from Statefarm insurance. This is to serve as an idea of what you may receive. This number is not a promise or guarantee of compensation.


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What Kind Of Settlement Could You Get?

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