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If you have suffered a dog bite, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your unrealized income, medical expenses, pain, and suffering. This includes any needed therapy you may require due to the mental trauma you experience when you fall victim to a dog bite. In the state of California, it is imperative to contact an attorney that specializes in dog bite injury claims to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

When Dealing With A Cooperating Party

Many victims of a dog bite feel guilty about contacting a lawyer because they are attacked by the dog of a friend or family member. If this is the case for you, it is important to know that homeowners insurance and rental insurance covers the liability if the incident occurred in their home.

Dog owners in California are entirely responsible for any damage their dog inflicts on others. This is called Strict Liability. Strict liability means that the owner of the dog cannot defer liability due to the circumstances of the incident. We understand that dogs can have instinctual triggers that cause them to act in a violent manner that is uncharacteristic of their usual behavior, but this does not mean that you don’t deserve compensation. The facts of the situation are you were left injured, and that means you have to pay for all of your medical bills and suffer any financial losses.

It is easy to be torn between your friend or family member and your medical bills and unrealized income, but when you consider the possible costs of treating a dog bite injury and how long it can put you out of work you will quickly change your mind. Chances are that this has never happened to you before. When you collaborate with a Personal Injury Attorney in Oakland, you can be sure that you will get everything you need to carry on with your life and not have a dog bite turn into a financial crisis.

The full medical consequences of being the victim of a dog bite can turn into a fortune that can leave you in massive debt. In many cases, dog bite victims can be out of work for months, and it will take multiple surgeries to recover from your injuries fully. The cost of an ambulance trip to the ER alone can be tens of thousands of dollars, and many victims have to undergo plastic surgery procedures. Even after all of your medical treatment, a dog bite can leave you permanently disfigured.

If you decide to take on these costs yourself, your personal insurance may only cover a portion of the expenses. Many victims are left with thousands of dollars of debt. The monumental costs you will incur by not claiming the money you rightfully deserve can leave you in debt for the rest of your life. You face further dangers if you decide to work with the responsible parties’ insurance company directly.

Insurance companies are in the business of minimizing risk and retaining as much money as possible. Although insurance companies will present a friendly image when working with you, they are considering their interests over yours and will attempt to pay you the least amount of money they possibly can to settle your case. California Dog Bite VictimsDealing directly with an insurance company means you are leaving money you are entitled to on the table.  A skilled California dog bite lawyer knows how these insurance companies operate and will fight for your interests when no one else will. You may think you can fight for your interests in this matter, but the complicated nature of insurance companies is designed to benefit the bottom line of those big corporations. It is important to have a dog bite attorney that will hold the insurance company involved to their obligation they have to you. Representing yourself in this matter means you are willing to leave significant amounts of money on the table.

Our skilled California dog bite lawyers have represented many victims of dog bite injuries. Experience is paramount when handling dog bite cases and many factors can change the nature of the case. For example, if you are the victim of a dog bite that involves what the state of California considers an aggressive breed you may be entitled to a larger settlement. These breeds include Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Boxers, and Dobermans, to name a few. That being said, all dog bite cases should be taken very seriously no matter what the bread. You are still the victim of a dog bite if it was a Chihuahua or a Great Dane that bit you. Do not hesitate to contact one of our California dog bite attorney’s today.

Dealing With An Uncooperative Party

As mentioned above, when you are the victim of a dog bite, the party responsible carries a strict liability. This means that they are 100% accountable to make any amends necessary. In many cases, the responsible party may refuse to cooperate with you. When this is the case, you need a dog bite attorney that understands the process of litigation required to hold this party accountable. It is your right to be compensated for your injuries, and it is the dog owner’s responsibility to hold up their end in the case of a dog attack.

When the dog owner involved refuses to hold up their end of the deal they now have to face legal consequences. You need a dog bite attorney fighting for your rightful compensation. They cannot legally withhold this money from you. In many cases, dog owners may try to offer you cash or some other type of valuables on the spot. It is vital that you do not accept this money. Taking money from the liability party can release them from their obligation and leave you to pick up the tab on the remaining expenses you will incur during your medical treatment and recovery time.

When the responsible party refuses to compensate you, it is even more important to work with a dog bite attorney. Our California dog bite attorneys will put the law on your side! When you are the victim of a dog attack, our dog bite attorneys have your back!  Don’t risk a financial hardship that can affect every area of your life, call one of our specialized dog bite lawyers today!

 Oakland dog bite Victims

Unsure about suing after a dog bite?

Shawna lived in a quiet apartment with her roommate. They both had a dog, and their dogs got along, until one day they didn’t. Shawna is unsure what caused the dogs to become aggressive towards each other, but she was concerned for her roommate’s dog, as her dog seemed to be overpowering the smaller canine. Shawna jumped in to break up the fight, and in the resulting struggle, her roommate’s dog attacked her, biting her arm multiple times. These multiple bites caused deep lacerations that required stitches and plastic surgery.  Doctors had to go as far as graphing skin from her thigh to repair the immense damage to her arm caused by her multiple dog bite injuries.

Shawna missed months of work and collected with tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills after multiple surgeries. She was worried she could not sue because she jumped in and her dog was overpowering her roommate’s dog. Tensions were also very high with her roommate because the fight left her dog in pretty bad shape. This left Shawna feeling many mix emotions about what she could do.

California Dog Bite VictimsLuckily for her, she decided to contact one of our specialty dog bite lawyers and soon discovered that she had a very solid case! She worked with one of our dog bite lawyers and was able to settle with her roommate’s rental insurance company. Her settlement covered all of her medical bills, her unrealized income due to her time missed at work, and she has compensated additionally for her pain and suffering. Here are Shawna’s thoughts on here experience with our specialized dog bite attorneys.

“I was scared when this all happened and extremely stressed out. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t think anything could be done and I was missing a lot of work, and the bills were stacking up quickly. When I called [a dog bite attorney] for a free consultation, after my mom told me I should call someone and find out if there was anything I could do, I learned that I had a case all along. I had never been bitten by a dog before so I had no ideas about what the laws were or what I could do. Once [a dog bite attorney] took on my case it was like all my stress went away. The way they explained everything to me just made me feel at ease. I could finally just focus on healing and stop stressing about how I was going to afford my care. I didn’t even think about what might happen if they can’t get me anything. They really knew what they were doing. It took a little while, but I ended up getting way more than I could have ever imagined. I don’t know what I would have done without [a dog bite attorney] on my side!”

As you can see, Shawna had many concerns before contacting a dog bite attorney, but once she spoke with one of our experienced dog bite lawyers she could finally relax and heal. Healing is exactly what you need after falling victim to a dog bite. Although Shawna asked us to keep any specific details about her compensation private, we have some insurance statistics about dog bite claims that may interest you.

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Fun Fact


Fun Fact: Pitbulls are the subject of many dogs rights movements, and surely this breed isn't full of bad aggressive dogs, but statistically Pitbulls are involved in the most dog bite incidents when compared to other "Dangerous Breeds".