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The provocation doctrine mentions that a dog bite is validated under particular scenarios, so that neither the dog nor the owner, harborer or keeper of the dog may be held responsible civilly or criminally. That will be deemed to justify a dog bite are comparable from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, however, they are not always the same. Usually, actions of the individual bitten which would have activated the doctrine of self-defense if the dog were a person are usually considered to be provocation. For example, striking a dog and triggering it to feel discomfort usually makes up provocation. The dog's reaction to the act of provocation, however, can not be grossly out of proportion to the provocative act itself.

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Protecting Yourself

What All Dog Owners Should Know

If someone is acting aggressively towards you and your dog it is important to know how to handle that situation. There are many cases where your dog might not be in danger but is scared of a new situation or overwhelmed by his or her surroundings.