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Are Pitbulls the Most Dangerous Breed?

Pitbulls are a controversial topic, but you have to think like an insurance company to understand why they are classified the way they are.  Pitbulls contributed to 65 percent of fatal dog attacks in the last 12 years. That doesn't mean that your Pitbull would fatally attack someone, it just means statistically they are the most deadly breed of dog.

Why Are Pitbulls So Dangerous?

Pitbulls are simply large and powerful animals. They have large teeth and very big mouths. They can easily fit an arm or leg of an adult in their jaws. This power and capability to do damage make them the most deadly. Many people argue that they are good tempered dogs with the right owner, and they are, but this isn't a contest of temperament. It is a contest of capability. Due to Pitbull's popularity as a pet and capability to do harm, when they do decide to attack they can do a lot of damage and are recorded causing harm more than other breeds of dogs.

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Dangerous Dog Breed Law

Every State has different laws but what dogs are considered to be dangerous is actually set by insurance companies. Since the insurance companies deem certain dogs dangerous many landlords have strict rules about these breeds in their contracts signed by tenants. Depending on the breed involved and the contract signed, the owner of the dog who bit you could be knowingly in violation of their contract.