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If you have recently fallen victim to a dog bite or animal attack of any kind, you need this time to rest and heal.  So instead of taking the time to stress over lawsuits and hospital bills, Let a professional dog bite attorney handle everything else. We will fight for you in your time of need so you can focus on getting your life back on track. Dog bite victims need months to heal and, if you have to undergo plastic surgery, your healing process could be longer than a year. You need to be able to rest easy knowing that your medical expenses and unrealized income are covered. We also believe that you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. Speak with a skilled Oakland Dog Bite Attorney today to find out how much your Dog Bite Lawsuit is worth! LINK)   Have you been bitten by a dog and are unsure about suing? It is understandable that your first thought wouldn't be to sue because this has likely never happened to you before. The full scope of medical expenses missed work, and potentially permanent scarring probably hasn’t quite set it yet. In the state of California, the owner of the dog that attacked you is entirely responsible for covering any and all damages no matter the circumstances leading up to the dog attack

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California Dog Bite Victims

Every State has specific laws when it comes to dog bites. Although many of these laws can be similar state to state, even one difference can make a big difference in your case. Oakland Dog Bite Attorneys are masters of California Dog Bite Laws and can quickly dispel and false information you may have heard about local dog bite laws.